Letters For My Daughters 

Silence isn’t always golden 

An uplifting family drama about a middle class family with two teen daughters with a strained relationship, a mother with bipolar disorder and an alcoholic father. As adults, the sisters while moving out of their childhood home find letters written by their mother explaining the past causing them to relive to the disappointments, abandonment and struggle they experienced as children. But, beautiful moments remind them why family is important causing them to heal their relationship. 

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It’s Okay to Ask For Help 

Some people are depressed and don’t realize it but sometimes you have too much at stake not to get help. Because your children are always watching you. 

Love Never Grows Old 

We need more LOVE in the world and a great place to start is by loving you.  

Let’s Start The Conversation

Only through Conversation can youShare your pain. Find the answers. Heal your heart. 

LETTERS FOR MY DAUGHTERS is nostalgic, sentimental, with beautiful moments that you wish could last forever.

Join us in celebrating family life with all it’s complexities, raw moments, missed opportunities, regrets, tumult relationships, roller-coaster rides, and the love that binds us during the toughest of times. To keep up-to-date with the film’s journey click FIND OUT MORE below. Do not miss a minute of it!


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